It’s becoming easier to connect an entire home too. Broadband is faster, more reliable and more affordable than ever before. The improved signal range of Wi-Fi routers means that a single router can offer wireless coverage across more rooms in our homes, allowing more devices to be connected.

The term ‘smart home’ is used to describe a house that contains a communication network that connects different appliances and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored and accessed.

What’s more, low-priced networking equipment has made it cheaper to extend home networks into rooms that were difficult to cover using just a single Wi-Fi router. Even previously difficult properties, such as older homes with thick walls, can now benefit from a home network that covers the entire property.

Smart devices connect to the internet and many have smartphone apps allowing you to access and control them remotely over the internet or through a voice assistant like the Amazon Echo


In an era of busy schedules, finding enough time to enjoy your time with your loved ones can become a scarcity. Our smart home installation services offer you the latest innovations to solve this problem. We intelligently integrate your home with the help of advanced electronics and technologies. This way, you can spare less time dealing with household chores and spend more time relaxing and enjoying your life.

Smart home systems offer you considerable beneficial features that bring together your lighting, music and TV systems, heating & cooling, security, blinds & curtains and gate entrance devices. By using your own iPad and iPhone, or custom in-wall touchscreen devices, you can control all aspects of your house from a central point.

More and more houses in the UK, including renovations and new builds in London, Leeds, York and Manchester are now designed with a smart home technology in mind. In the future, connected homes will become a priority in every property to make our lives easier.